Do you have a studio location?

No, currently services are only provided on location, meaning we come to you wherever you are (usually where you are staying-a hotel, vacation rental, your venue location, or your home if you live here). Wild Ivory is not responsible for finding or securing the location for any type of services.

Do you have a minimum and travel fee?

The minimum required for booking day of bridal services is $200. Travel is included in our pricing within the greater Charleston area, however, parking is not.  A $10 parking fee is added per stylist if street only parking or hotel parking is available. Please inquire for pricing if getting ready location is outside of the greater Charleston area. (Examples: Folly Beach, Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island, Edisto, Hollywood, Moncks Corner, etc.)

How far do you travel for services?

Anywhere, worldwide!  Additional travel fees will apply.  

What is required to book services with Wild Ivory?

Both a non-refundable $100 deposit and completed/signed contract are required before your date for services will be reserved. All dates are first come, first serve basis! Please note: *if you have booked or done a trial session but you have not paid the deposit and returned your signed contract your date will not be held until both are completed, regardless of a trial session.

Please note: *if you are looking to book your bridal service with the Owner, please state so in your inquiry. Weddings are first come, first serve basis and Owner may already be booked. Should this be the case, we have wonderful and talented stylists and artists to fulfill all your wedding day needs! 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card or cash only. Apart from the deposit, services need to be paid for in full after all services are completed. Note* Day of wedding services cannot and will not be run from credit card on file.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please submit cancellation in writing via email; deposit will not be returned.

Can I make changes to my contract?

You have up until 30 days prior to the service date to make any changes to your contract. After that all services are considered to be locked in. Any service wishing to cancel within the 30 days will need to either be replaced by another service, or be paid for in full by bride or person contracted for service. Payment for those dropped services will be taken no later than contracted service date. Also, if we do not have your final confirmed service count and photo ready time by 30 days prior to the service date, we cannot guarantee adequate staffing to complete all requested services. Adding services will more than likely affect the start time and will only be completed providing scheduling allows. Due to scheduling, any day of services that wish to be cancelled will have to be paid for in full (by bride or person contracted for services) or replaced with another service.

I don’t ever wear makeup & want to look as natural as possible.. 

We totally get this! Natural is our specialty and we love natural beauty! We do think it is important to note however, that to look “natural” on camera, you will still need to be wearing an amount of makeup to get that “natural”  and yet professionally done look. About 30% of the color that is on your face will be diminished in a photograph (especially with a professionals camera), so a little more than your everyday wear is necessary. Of course we want you to feel as comfortable as possible in your bridal look, and we ask tons of questions at the trial session to make sure we stay on the same page when creating your overall desired look. But we also may make suggestions that we know will help leaving you look stunning on and off camera, this is where putting your trust in your vendors is very key!

Do I need to book a trial session?

A trial session is not required but is highly recommended! This is our chance to get to meet one on one and make sure we are the right fit for each other! Plus, getting to preview your look will put your mind at ease so you can relax and get pampered on the day of and will ensure everything that day will run smoothly. This also gives a better idea if timing for your services will need to be adjusted for the day of.  If you are unable to book a trial session for any reason, feel free to email inspiration photos and a selfie so we can get an idea of what you are looking for!

Can I have guests?

The more the merrier! Usually…we absolutely encourage you to have someone there who’s opinion you 100% trust! However, it is not recommended bringing an entourage…this can lead to you feeling uncertain and confused about something you love and desire, and can potentially be an unpleasant experience. Have you ever watched “Say Yes to the Dress”?

When should I schedule a trial session?

Any time between 2-4 months prior to your wedding! This allows for ample time in the event something is requested to be changed. We understand many brides are from out of the area and we have done trials the week of or day before the wedding. It all depends on your timing!

Do brides usually have a trial session done before paying the deposit?

Whether you pay before or after the trial is really up to your discretion, however, some brides are unable to make it into town for a session before their wedding date due to their location. Some brides trust by the work they have seen on our website and social media and are comfortable making payment before the trial session. You can wait until after your trial if you choose to book a session if you'd like, but please note that the date won't be reserved until both contract and deposit are received. This means that all bookings are reserved on a first come first serve basis. Even if you have done a trial session, this does not guarantee your reservation until both contract and deposit are complete! Also note that peak wedding seasons (Sept-November & April-June) here in Charleston book up very quickly, making it difficult to reserve a last minute booking!

How long does a trial session last?

Trial sessions can last anywhere from 1.5- 2.5 hours and can include up to 2 hairstyles and 1 makeup look with lip color change.  A trial session lasting longer than 2.5 hours or if additional hair styles/makeup looks are requested, will be charged an additional $25 per half hour!

Can I do more than one trial?

Of course! We want you to love your wedding day look and feel beautiful and confident with your completed look for the big day! Being open and honest during the trial session is essential to making sure we are both on the same page with everything! No charges incurred for a second trial if it didn’t go the way we had envisioned or if you’re on a tight schedule and time runs out for whatever the reason. However, please keep in mind that additional fees will apply if you want to just simply try a new style.

How long does each service take?

Generally, 45 mins for each service for each girl is needed (roughly 90 mins for hair and makeup for one person). It is best to let me know in advance if you or a bridal party member has long or thick hair or even textured hair so the time can be adjusted accordingly.

What if I need only hair or only makeup?

That is fine! However, the minimum is still $200 so you would need to have some other services added (maid of honor, mother, bridesmaid, etc.)

My MOB & MOG want their hair done to, is the bridal party hair pricing the same for them even though they have short hair?

Yes! Our pricing does not alter per style because we spend the same amount of time styling each persons hair (45 mins) no matter how short, long, thick or thin it is and we use the same tools and products on everyone. 

Should I bring photos?

You may absolutely bring pictures of hair and makeup ideas! However, try to narrow it down to just a few. Having too many photos of all different ideas can be overwhelming and is not necessary. It is also important to be realistic with the photos and your desired look. If you’re a brunette with fine, short hair, bring in a photo with similar coloring and texture. Bringing in a photo of a blonde with a big braid and voluminous bun, when you’re a brunette, is going to have a very different end result than the inspired image for multiple reasons! The same can be applied to makeup application, it’s best to have images of similar face/eye shapes and coloring. I am very honest during trial sessions about what will and won’t work given hair texture, density, face and eye shape, etc. Unfortunately, not every hairstyle you see is going to work and look the same on everyone! A good majority of the time images you find on Pinterest have been either quite edited or extensions have been put in to achieve voluminous styles!  Our goal is to make you look and feel you’re very best for your event and being realistic about both will produce great end results!

What else should I know before the trial run?

Along with those inspiration photos, it is a great idea for you to try to bring all your accessories that you will be wearing on your wedding day! Hair clip or veil preferably with a metal comb (instead of a plastic comb as bobbi pins are difficult to get around the plastic ones)! Earrings and necklaces are also recommended, as well as wearing something of similar color to your wedding dress. It can be quite difficult for some brides to get a good idea of how everything will look when you have a full face of gorgeous makeup and va-va voom hair and you’re wearing casual clothing, this way you may have a better idea in your head that you’re satisfied with!

Should my hair be dirty?

No, please! Have clean hair not dirty hair. Many girls hear that this is the best thing for hair styling and one day old hair is great as long as your roots are not greasy! We have tons of professional products that  can be used to mimic dirty hair, but dry shampoo is only going to do so much if your hair is too dirty. Also, please have your hair completely dry, as I do not add in extra timing for blow-dries on trial sessions and day of wedding services, which result in additional fees! It is also highly recommend letting all of your bridesmaids know about this.

What kinds of products do you use?

Our artists use many different brands for both hair and makeup, as we like trying new products all the time! We also have some staples in our kits because we know they work and the end result will be beautiful and long-lasting. Usually what we have in our kits range from Loreal Professional, Redken, and Not Your Mothers brand, etc. for hair. For makeup we use TEMPTU, Mac, Urban Decay, Nyx, etc.  It is important to notify us of any allergies you may have to products & ingredients!

What is Airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is an advanced application technique designed to give you luminous and long-lasting results while providing a lightweight and natural feel. It is customizable in the amount of coverage desired and skin tone. It is also sweat resistant, water resistant, and will last up to 16 hours which is perfect for the Charleston climate!

Do you offer traditional makeup?

We do not offer traditional makeup due to personal preference and because we cannot guarantee it lasting in the humid climate we often have here. We prefer airbrush due to the flawless look it provides in person and in photographs. If airbrush is not desired for your day of services you may feel free to bring your own foundation products, and we have no problem applying them along with my other products however, prices will not differ.

 Do I need to have touch-up services?

For the most part, the only thing that should need touching up is your lipstick! We provide a little container with the chosen lip color inside along with 2 disposable lip brushes (for the bride only). You may bring your own lip color if desired for touch-ups and is a great idea for the bridesmaids to have their own as well! However, if your wedding is in the hot summer months here we do recommend having touch-up services for pictures between ceremony & reception as you will still sweat! This will ensure that you can be blotted and powdered properly, extra hair spray if needed, and any other issues that may arise. Summers here are very hot and humid!

I want to wear my hair down, but my hair doesn’t hold curl…

Okay, this one’s not so much a question as it is a statement. We’re not going to tell you that with loads of hairspray in the hot and humid Charleston weather, your hair will hold. My thick, coarse hair cannot even do that! We do highly recommend wearing your hair up in the hot summer months especially, but you know your hair better than we do. If you know your hair doesn’t hold curl, you can research human hair extensions which can help provide a better environment for curls (and length and volume), or simply wear your hair up! The weather here can be quite unpredictable, so during your trial session it isn’t a bad idea to have two styles to try, down and up, so you can make a game day decision!

What’s this about extensions?

If you are interested in a voluminous down or half-down style and a bulky updo, and you just don’t quite have the right amount of hair, we highly recommend human hair or Remy clip in extensions! Without them, your style could come up short and you’ll be disappointed in the end result. Clip-in extensions are best since you are only wearing them for one night, and they are the most versatile when it comes to styling the hair! We do not provide extensions and to add them to your hair style is an additional charge.